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2004-09-17 - 8:42 a.m.

Okay, I have come to the conclusion that welding is not for me. I am decidedly too girly for it all. The heat, the grime, the required brute force, the really scary hot things, the flying sparks, the irresponsible classmates flailing hot torches about.

This does not do well in a foundry.

Six and a half hours where I have to fight endless urges to just pick up my stuff and run out the door. For me a thoroughly misserable experience. I'm kind of looking forward to getting my project made simply because I've been wanting to make it for years, but I loathe the idea of actually putting in the work to make it.

Monday and Wednesday I wake up and bounce out of bed I look forward to class so much, but thursday comes and it's like trying to raise the dead. What's really hard is knowing that I will not be using the skills I'm learning in this class in the future. The equipment is way too expencive, I don't like the medium, and for the little amount of welding I would actually find usefull it would never justify the costs of by a mig. But it's a requirement for sculpture majors, so we're shelling out $1800 � for a class I will not be applying in my future. Erg.

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