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2004-09-13 - 8:51 p.m.

My eyes feel funny. Too much plaster dust. I should try a bit harder to protect them.

Eyes of the Ankou

My hand is full of metal. Some idjit was grinding steel in a non specified grinding area of the metal shop, and felt no need to clean up after himself. So when I came in to do some welding homework and placed my girlie little hand down on the work table, tiny shards of metal flake skewered my palm and fingers. I have so far been able to remove all but five pieces. Two in my palm and three in my fingers. I can't see them. But every now and then something will touch them and let me know that yes indeed, they are there. Ouch.

Other than that today was good. This weekend was good too. I got a pair of Doc Martins for welding class, so Morgan being the awesome guy he is worked a can of shaving cream into them and beat them with a hammer till they no longer tormented my feet every time I put them on. Hmmmmm. Swoon. Anyway.

I had my first mold making class today. It was really nice, it's a class I can just go have mindless fun in. It gets a bit overwhelming having to produce art and be creative on demand, so it's great having a class I can just learn in without the stress of having to perform feats of artistic grandure.

I do have to defrost my freezer tonight though. I have a really old fridge, and the freezer is just a small enclosed box inside the fridge, and it grows frost at the rate of about a quarter to half an inch a week. Not good. I hardly have room for all the vodka and frozen brocolli. And that's a bad thing.

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